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Coaching Clinics - On location in your community or ours! Book Today

RBI's Coaching Clinics are a great way to build up knowledge in a number of areas. RBI's professional staff organize clinics to cover all aspects of the game. Our goal is to build the game of baseball in Saskatchewan from the top, down. Starting with the coaches that will build better baseball players. 


Skills Development Focus:

1. Pitching & Throwing Specific - Position Player, Pitch Grip, Arm Care = Velocity

2. Hitting - Mechanics, Power & Situational Awareness
3. Infield & Outfield - Understanding the Field, Situational Awareness, Mechanical 
4. Base Running 
5. Catching - Being the Team Leader;  Receiving,  Blocking, & Throwing


Coaches Clinic Focus Opportunities:

 1. Wake Up/Warm Up & Dynamic Stretch Routines for team:
 Activating quick twitch & power muscles, sweat before you play


 2. Proper Arm Care Activation/Recovery: warm up to throw DO NOT throw to warm up


3. Playing Catch: position specific catch 

4. Pre Game Development Routines - position specific pre game drills
Infield: Glove Work / Foot Work
Outfield: Drop Step / Foot Work / Fly Balls
Catchers: Receiving / Blocking
Pitchers: Pitch Selection Flat Ground / Bullpens - "Feel Good" 

5. Creating Practice Plans: Covering the essentials while keeping ALL players engaged

6. Position Specific - Skills Development Drills
Hitting, Pitching, Throwing, Fielding, Catching, Etc.

7. Base Running - Aggressiveness WINS
 Running Through & Rounding Bases, Steal, Delay Steal, Taking Extra Bases

8. In-Game Strategy/Plays - Understanding the always changing environment during game

9. Team Building Exercises - Building strong relationships between players & coaches will lead to more success on & off the field



If you would like to book or find out more information today please:


Email:  rbitraining@accesscomm.ca

Phone:  306-519-2121