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University Bound Recruiting Help


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We look forward to assisting you reach the next level, book your consultation with Manager & Programs Coodinator, Chris Untereiner by emailing:





RBI Athletes In College / University:



Zane Pollon

Reece Helland

Nolan King

Kaden Dore

Zakary Krsyak

Kaito Farquharson

Stefan Atkinson

Caleb Lumbard

Brian So

Spencer Davis

Talen King

Dylan Bells

Lee Fiala

Adam Decorby

Tyson Black

Parker McRae

Jake Hesselink

Zac Lehner

Tyler Arnold

Dryden Kaczmar

Cole Sexsmith

Austin Dundas

Tanner Ring

Jake Holinaty

Aidan Marquardt

Bradi Wall

Brandon Herney

Blake Walchuk

Brandon Radmacher

Jordan Dezotell

Landon Adelman

Nathan Hardolson

Nolan Ursu

Paul Vogelsang

Tanner Ring

Robert Ermel

Alyssa Dedman

Rachael Huber

Geordie McDougall

Logan Stasuik

Reece Lysack

Ryan Zerff

Brett Kleisinger

Ryan Arnold

Aiden Gartner


As you build up your wish-list of Post-Secondary Institutions to attend, trust RBI's professionals with the next step.


RBI Training has developed numerous recruiting videos and has assisted baseball and softball players get to the next level. 


Upon completion of filming your recruiting video, RBI can assist you in the next step - contacting your desired institutions.


Have your questions answered by booking a consultation with Manager & Programs Coordnator, Chris Untereiner.