Regina's High Performance Indoor
Baseball and Softball Training Facility

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10U / 12U / 15U / 17U programs offered


* updated available time slots - please contact RBI Office *

emails:  rbitraining@accesscomm.ca



RBI's Hitting & Fielding Classes are set up to instruct young athletes to become BETTER HITTERS - NOT SWINGERS.  

Proper repitition and movement patterns are crucial. Taking 200-300 swings per day is great, but RBI ensures athletes understand the WHAT, WHY & HOW's of hitters training. There is always a reason for training - an ULTIMATE GOAL.


The program begins with building an individual player plan. Video recording and BLAST MOTION baseline testing will build the foundation for our athletes to train. 


A bonus opportunity to train defensively is included in this program. TRUSTING your glove is an essential part of being a gold glove ball player. Our professional staff will take the time to develop our athletes into trustworthy fielders.





Contact RBI Office for up-to-date program schedule.