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RBI Testimonials


We love to hear from our clients about their experiences at RBI Training Center. Spread the word to teammates and friends!

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“When our daughter approached us back in the Fall of 2012 wanting to train year round and excel at the game of fastpitch, our search lead us to RBI. 

From our initial session with Ben Fines we were impressed! He brings a tremendous amount of positive energy to each and every session. His knowledge of all aspects of the game is very impressive, whether it's instructing hitting, proper fielding and throwing techniques or teaching the mental aspect of the game.

Ben displays a tremendous amount of respect for all of his students and truly cares about their success on and off the diamond. 

If you are searching for someone to improve your son's or daughter's ball skills, we would highly recommend Ben Fines and the rest of the RBI staff.”


- Dean Schwartz (06/15)




“My son has been training at RBI since its opening in the fall of 2012. RBI has been outstanding in helping him become a significantly better player. The off season training routine specifically established for him is age appropriate and progressively more challenging as he ages. Without this excellent instruction, he and his team would have not had their summer baseball success and when necessary the instructors adjust their instruction from pushing to the limit to making it just pure fun. Thanks for your baseball support RBI!”


- Chris Atkinson (11/15)




“The difference in Josh was big almost right away after spending time with Ben. His confidence at the plate and approach are much better.  After spending time in one on one and now in block training with Ben, Chris, and Jarrett, the improvement is profound in his hitting, pitching, and fielding.  It is very clear to me that at age 11, I had taught him pretty much everything I could.  Watching the instruction he gets, little things get noticed and corrected that I would never have thought to look for.  He is having a great time and looks forward to each and every session we go to.  The level of professionalism is like nothing we have had in any sport before.  I have never seen a group of instructors that are very detailed and demanding yet get the kids to pay attention and have fun.  They are all great instructors and we will continue to train at RBI.  If you aren't sure if it's worth it, I would say to bring your kids 1 time and watch how much they learn in 1 hour.  Well worth it for the quality of instruction they will get.”


- Mike Curtin (11/15)




“My family has been using RBI for over five years.  The instructors are knowledgeable and professional.  They focus on training techniques that are proven and safe for the players.  Instructors at RBI realize players will all have their strengths and weaknesses and are able to analyze each individual to help the players improve.  Not only do the instructors focus on developing the students as players, but also instill how important character in the sport, and life, truly are. Baseball is the ultimate team sport and this is one the pillars in their training technique.  All this while still making it fun!”


- Thomas Fox (12/15)




“Ryan enjoyed the fall ball program put on by Chris and Ben at RBI! It was a great way to finish off the ball season. RBI has done a great job to help Ryan improve his game.”


- Peggy Gaab (12/15)




“Our two sons have benefitted greatly from baseball training with RBI. During these sessions, they receive instruction from enthusiastic, experienced and knowledgeable instructors. Not only are they learning valuable skills in the specific areas of hitting, pitching and fielding, they also learn the importance of proper warm-ups, continued fitness and nutrition. The boys are always excited to attend their sessions.

We’ve noticed an improvement in our boys in the way they prepare themselves for training, practices and games and how they carry themselves with an overall confidence in what they’ve been taught as well as a positive attitude. This can be attributed to the solid foundation that has been provided by Ben, Chris and their fellow instructors at RBI.

We like the way that the instructors at RBI. encourage the kids to take ownership and responsibility of their own training and not only teach them to be great ball players, but also teach them to be good students, often drawing from their own experiences as student athletes.

Ben and Chris have proved to be very accommodating and do whatever they can in regards to scheduling, providing options for make up and drop in sessions etc.

Overall, we are confident that with the skills, good work ethic and positive attitude instilled by RBI, our boys are gaining the tools needed to be great ball players and students as well as being provided the opportunity to further their baseball careers.

Keep up the great work guys!!”


- Paul and Helen Bourget (12/15)




“Extremely impressed with the level of instruction my son has received from the RBI coaches. He played on the fall ball team and it amazes me how much he has learned about the game in such a short amount of time. Having great coaches that communicate with these in a way that they fully understand makes all the difference. He is now in the off season program and receiving the same high level of instruction, thanks to Chris and the team at RBI.”


- Kevin Cleavely (12/15)




“RBI has been amazing for Adam. He has been involved in the work-out sessions, batting, pitching, and catching. The trainers are qualified athletes whose knowledge of baseball is overwhelming. I have seen Adam evolve as a baseball player in his skill and his confidence. We are very fortunate to have this facility available to us and to have the instruction and experience of Ben and Chris.”


- Roger & Bonny Decorby (12/15)




“RBI Training is providing Lee the opportunity to train and play baseball outside the short Sask. ball seasons.

RBI's indoor facility allows Lee to continue his skill development and participate in exercise and weight training; particular for baseball players, through the winter months.

RBI's instructors Ben Fines and Chris Untereiner offer college level baseball training to their clients in a fun, professional manner that has my son striving for excellence on the field.

Lee's batting has improved greatly with the video analysis offered at RBI.


Overall Lee's game continues to strive and his confidence in the batters box and on the field grows; thanks to the structure, knowledge and mentorship offered by Ben, Chris and their support staff.”


- Darrin Fiala (12/15)

White City,Sk.




“Rachael has been playing softball for many years. She was always a pitcher and infielder, two positions she excelled at. However her hitting needed work. When RBI opened its doors we heard about the program but were unsure whether it would be a fit for Rachael. We decided to give it a try and enlisted the help of Ben Fines to try and improve Rachael’s hitting. We also had JP Willner help with her fitness. Rachael trained hard throughout the winter. During the following ball season Rachael’s domination on the mound was evident as she was in the best shape of her life. Also, thanks to Ben, Rachael ranked second on the team with her slugging percentage.


Last month Rachael accepted a scholarship offer from Minot State University. In order to prepare for her first year of college ball, Rachael is back at RBI training with trainer Chris Untereiner. Chris has tailored workouts for Rachael and her strength and stamina has improved dramatically.

For anyone who is serious about improving their softball or baseball skills we highly recommend training at RBI.”


- Tim & Natalie Huber (12/15)




“My son Josh has been attending RBI classes since the doors opened. It has a great atmosphere and a great staff to instruct at all levels. Thanks to Ben, Chris and Jay for making the fall and winter months go by quickly. Also thank you to the guys for developing the Fall Ball program for the boys. Extended the season a full 2 months!


- Rod and Josh Warsylewicz (12/15)




The amount of progress our daughter has made while working with Chris and Ben for a couple short months is nothing short of amazing.  Every aspect of her game has improved tenfold.  The instructors at RBI are knowledgeable and have been excellent at communicating new ideas and techniques with her.  Just watching how much more she is enjoying girls fastball, and how eager she is to get in the training room with Chris and Ben tells us taking her to RBI was a fantastic decision. 


Steve and Jolyn Schultz (09/16)  Carlyle, SK